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The planning stage is initiated with our study and documentation of a site through field surveying, photo-compositing, satellite imagery, and site-plan review. We gather this information to understand the impact and effect that the proposed sign placement will have.

Our reputation has been built on being knowledgeable sign specifiers and designers of exterior illuminated advertising displays.


Our expertise in developing buildable specifications and guidelines to accurately enable the bidding, variance, and permit processes have become a desired alternative to "concept drawings" from other professions. As such, our creativity, applied logic, documentation, and processes are recognized as industry leading.


We also strive to partner with professionals from the design community. Our expertise allows for a more competitive edge and provides them with the ability to offer additional value-added services to their clients.

Our commitment is to provide the highest level of service for each and every project phase—anywhere from square footage calculations, color matching, landlord approvals, to soil inspections, building access or variance representation.


Design + Development

Site analysis

Each project requires an understanding of local code including parameters such as allowable sizes, heights, and setbacks. With a focus on sound design and logistics, it's equally important that we have professional in-house staff handling all zoning research and analysis. This also includes submitting required information for all zoning, building, and electrical applications as well as required inspection certificates.


The products we provide are fabricated from our own detailed design specifications by various partners off-site as we specialize in large LED free-standing signs, way-finding programs, and franchise branding packages. Because of our design capabilities and relationships we have a competitive advantage in using partners with focused specialties in strategic locations. This also enables us to provide quantity orders with controllable lead times and minimum shipping costs. Variables such as metal thicknesses, illumination methods, electrical wiring placement, service, and maintenance access issues are considered throughout the evolution of the product design.


We provide our own service and installation for the Southern Ohio, Southeastern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky markets. We boast the most experienced crews with state-of-the-art equipment. We believe having physical control of the installation in as large a region as possible is important and an added client benefit. This allows for our personal guarantee of quality from the beginning of the design process through to the final installation.


When selecting installation partners we only work with companies whose commitment to experienced employees, proper equipment, and overall excellence parallels ours.


As maintenance is a critical part of our success, we have established proven guidelines and systems to ensure prompt response time for repairs. We archive records for each service location, i.e. fixture types, materials, quantities, etc. When a service call is received, we know exactly what is needed for that client's requirements. We also record every dispatched service trip and can easily identify repeat issues and correct them before major problems develop.


By combining ease of order placement, prompt response, experienced personnel, and proper inventory, we excel in earning trust. Exceeding expectations while providing consistent practices in maintaining signage and outdoor lighting components are the cornerstones of our reputation.

Service + Maintenance